7 Dog Dad Gifts He’ll Definitely Appreciate

Dog Dad
Dog Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to find the perfect gift for all the father figures in your life – and that includes dog dads too! If you’re searching for a great Father’s Day present for your favorite dog dad, look no further: we’ve got a list of some of the best gifts for all the totally pawsome puppy poppas that you know.

Stylish Dog Dad Clothing

For the fashion-forward dog dad in your life, get them an outfit that shows off just how much they love their dog. A shirt that says “dog dad” on it is a perfect option for rising summer temps, and something he can easily wear while grilling up a tasty Father’s Day barbecue in the backyard. If you’re feeling generous, pair it with a matching dog dad hat. Or, perhaps get their dog a bandana or sweatshirt in a similar color or pattern, so it can truly look like man’s best friend. If you’ve got a dog dad who’s less adventurous with their sense of style, there are a number of online sites that allow you to customize various accessories with pictures of their dog on them. Who could say no to a pawfect pair of puppy socks?

A Live Frame of All Their Favorite Furry Memories

It can be nearly impossible for a dog dad to narrow down which of his favorite photos of him and his dog to frame. So, why not give him all of them? For the photography-loving dog dad, get a live digital frame that you can upload a variety of his favorite puppy pics to. When charged or plugged in, the frame can display a rotating selection of all the best moments of doggy dadhood that he’s come to cherish.

A Dog-Sized Jersey for Their Fave Sports Team

For the sports fanatic dog dad, get his pup something to wear for the next big game night. There are a number of customizable dog jerseys online to suit any team that your dog dad loves to root for. With matching jerseys, doggo and daddio will be looking sharp while they howl away at all the best touchdowns, home runs, and slam dunks (wow, look at us knowing all those sports terms!).

An Automatic Treat Dispenser

For the hardworking dog dad that’s always on the go, a great gift idea is an automatic treat or food dispenser. These dispensers work on a timer system to release food at scheduled feeding times, so dogs get the nutrients they need, even if their dog dad needs to rush into work for a meeting or run some important weekend errands. Having an automatic feeder can save dog dads the stress of having to shift their dog’s already set routine while keeping their pups happily fed at all times.

Class Things Up with a Dog-Themed Cheese Board

For the culinary superstar dog dad, consider getting them a classy but cute dog-themed cheese board! There are a variety of different shapes and custom styles to choose from: whether you go for a board shaped like a certain dog breed, or a simpler dog paw-shaped board, there’s a cheese plate option for every dog dad on your gift list. Perhaps you’ll even inspire your dog dad to make a bark-cuterie board for their pup to match, featuring a variety of dog friendly treats (as much as we know the pups would want a bite, it’s best to leave the meat and cheese to us humans).

A Dog Inspired Coffee Mug

For the dog dad that can’t start the day without a cup of morning joe (and some cuddles from his favorite pup), a personalized coffee mug with a picture of their dog on it is a wonderful gift idea. Get them a regular mug to sip while they read the morning paper alongside their pup, or get them a travel mug that they can take on their early morning walks around the neighborhood with their furry friend.

Geek Out with Some Nerdy Chew Toys

For the comic book obsessed dog dad, get them a gift basket filled with dog toys inspired by their favorite superheroes and other geektastic-obsessions. From Hogwarts to the Shire to every nerdy realm in between, there are a number of pet toys you can find online or in store to suit all your dog dad’s favorite passions. Plus, it ensures that his dog won’t end up chewing on one of his actual toys – we mean action figures.

Whatever kind of dog dad you’re shopping for, they’re bound to love getting a gift that celebrates their individual interests as well as their love for their dog. Consider what kind of dog dad they are, and you’re bound to pick a gift that’s perfect for them. What gifts are you getting for the dog dads in your life this Father’s Day?

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