Easy online games to play to pass time at your leisure

online games
online games

There are so many ways people make use of their free time. With so many activities available to do, playing games online is one of them. Playing games is a great way to pass time, and it can be used to relieve stress while keeping your brain and mind active. While playing games online, you can choose to play any type of game on your mobile or PC, ranging from card games to shooting games.

Some people may opt for blackjack, poker, or other online casino games that you can play when you click this popular resource for more options, as they can make a little cash while keeping themselves entertained. There are so many games to choose from, but it depends on your choice and what suits you. Therefore, here are some easy online games you can play to pass time.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Playing jigsaw puzzles online is just like playing your traditional jigsaw puzzle game, which requires you to solve the puzzle by putting pieces of the puzzle, which have various portions of a larger picture, together to form the final picture or image. There are various jigsaw puzzles that you can find on the site, and each of them ranges from 50 to 150 pieces, determining the difficulty of the game. Puzzles can be on any subject; animals, cars, buildings, sports, etc.


This is a game that is word-based. Your intellect is challenged by Woggle to find the supplied word. Click the associated letters on the board to form the word once you see it at the top. A word can be formed by joining characters vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. With only three-letter words at first, Woggle seems rather straightforward. However, as you get better, you’ll move on to longer words, which are more difficult. You have a set amount of time to find a specific number of words from a list.

Metal War Online

One of the best online multiplayer games is Metal War Online. The game incorporates elements from both gaming genres by requiring players to race and engage in combat with other players. The game gives you a choice between four different types of approaches. This online  multiplayer game will be perfect for action game fans.


In the entertaining and vibrant online game Slither.io, you take control of a snake in a neon landscape and slide into light orbs to grow longer. Competition is between people, some of whom have longer snakes than you do. They can lengthen and wrap themselves around you, and you might apply the same method to shorter snakes.

Mystery Paradise

Your goal in Mystery Paradise is to arrange the balls so that you may remove the colorful backdrop tiles. To eliminate them from the board together with the backdrop tile(s), combine three or more balls of the same color. If you match, you carry on with the balls that are currently on the board. But more balls will appear if you make a move that doesn’t match.


There are a lot of games from different genres that you can play; action, strategy, adventure, etc. We hope that this article gives you a few options to consider while looking for games to play in your leisure time.

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