Dana Loesch: 'This party can't get it together'


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Dana Loesch criticized the Democratic Party’s policies from pronouns to the border Monday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

DANA LOESCH: Democrats crafted some kind of policy. I’m not exactly sure what Democrats’ policy is other than pronouns, I think, and something about horse reigns at the border. I’m not quite sure. Nobody is, not even Biden. Oh, and now ghost guns. They crafted this policy and media went out and sold it. They are still, Jesse, they are still pushing the whole Putin’s price hike. So, they are carrying that for Democrats. That’s the last bucket, I guess, that they’re willing to actually carry, but the bottom line is that nobody wants to be on a losing team, and Biden is performing so heinously, and not just Biden, but all Democrats. I mean, I will never forget watching what happened in New Jersey last election and thinking there is a ton of Republicans in New Jersey or disaffected Democrats who are voting Republican. That’s something that Democrats couldn’t anticipate — what happened in Virginia. So now Democrats are looking at this happening on a national scale at midterms. They’re looking at the House. They’re looking at the Senate. All of their chances are about to go up in smoke and a shellacking that’s going to make 2010 look like child’s play. This party can’t get it together. There’s no party leadership. 



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