Elvis Presley's cousin describes private Graceland upstairs rooms nobody is allowed to see


During his 20 years living at Graceland, the upstairs was off-limits except for an invite from Elvis Presley himself. Even to this day, tours of the mansion – which have been on-going for 40 years – do not include The King’s bedroom and the bathroom where he died. Nevertheless, Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith has described the layout of the star’s private haven. Billy spent his whole life by The King’s side, both as a boy living on the grounds of Graceland, and then as an inner member of the star’s Memphis Mafia.

During a previous Q&A session on his son Danny’s Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Billy was asked: “What is the upstairs at Graceland like?”

Elvis’ cousin, who knew The King pre-fame, said: “Originally, you went up the stairs and to the left was two huge double doors and they were padded at that time. And you went in and there was two more double type doors. One led to the office, which was his office, the other led to his bedroom and then off his bedroom was his bathroom.”

It was this ensuite bathroom where Elvis tragically died of a heart attack aged just 42 in 1977.

Billy continued: “But before you went through the double doors, if you went around the little hall area, where his dressing room now is, was a bedroom. It was just an extra bedroom and over to the right was another bedroom. Grandma stayed there for a short period of time and then they moved her downstairs after I think Gladys died.”

The Grandma he referenced was Minnie Mae, Vernon’s mother, who outlived both her son and grandson and is now buried with them in Graceland’s Meditation Garden with Gladys, who died in 1958.

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Such items include a styrofoam cup sitting on a bookshelf right down to the last record he played on his record player. The vinyl is a fresh recording of JD Sumner and the Stamps, who sang at Elvis’ funeral.

Items from Graceland’s upstairs like The King’s office desk are on display downstairs in the trophy room. Additionally, Lisa Marie’s childhood rocking chair has been made available for fans to see.


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