I tried a TikTok food storage hack to crisps fresh and crunchy – but did it really work?


Home organising exerts Ivonne (@organizingbyivonne) shared a handy hack with her TikTok audience of 53.3K followers, boasting a savvy way to store open packets of crisps to stop them from going stale. The hack can also work for cereal boxes, according to the organisation pro, and doesn’t require the use of food clips or anything to seal the packets.

After opening a bag of sharing-sized bag of crisps one evening, I decided it was the perfect time to try Ivonne’s hack.

How does the crisp packet hack work?

In her video, Ivonne shows a sped-up version of how to properly fold your crisp packet to keep the snacks safely sealed.

Ivonne said: “No clips! No problem!”

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The results

The hack seemed easy enough when watching the video, so I figured trialling it at home would be a piece of cake.

However, the speed of the TikTok video was the first obstacle to overcome.

I found it really hard to follow exactly what was happening each step of the way, meaning I had to keep pausing and restarting the video.

Although the first step, folding the crisp packet over, is simple enough, things get tricky when it comes to flipping the packet to seal everything in place.

A couple of attempts smoothed this process out, but it is quite fiddly and does take some practice to get everything firmly tucked away.

Although it may not look so secure at first, I tipped the bag over as Ivonne shows in the video and sure enough there was no spillage.

I popped the folded crisp packet away in the cupboard and was pleasantly surprised to find that by the weekend the crisps were just as crunchy and delicious as when we first opened them.

Overall opinion

Although the hack does work to keep your crisps fresh and avoid spillages, it is a little bit fiddly.

A slowed-down version of the hack might have made it easier to follow, however, there is still a certain knack to get the folds absolutely perfect.

A food clip would definitely be much easier, or if you don’t have one, securing the bag with another type of clip or even an elastic band could probably do the same job.


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