'Do not mow them down' The best way to get rid of lawn mushrooms without using chemicals


Mushrooms and toadstools can start to grow on garden lawns or turfed areas due to weather or ground conditions. Their presence is not necessarily a sign of bad grass health, as they do need nutrient-rich soils to grow.

Most often they spring up due to weather or ground conditions, needing moisture, humidity and shade to thrive.

Mushrooms also require a food source to grow, which is why they can appear as a result of decaying organic waste, such as grass clippings, leaves, animal waste, buried wood or dead tree roots, and stumps.

Knowing the reason why mushrooms are growing on your lawn can be the key to eliminating them.

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“Dispose of mushrooms in a plastic bag as soon as you dig them out.

“You should also avoid walking over the fungi as your footsteps can also spread the spores to other parts of the lawn.”

For extra protection, they recommended covering your shoes with a plastic bag to prevent spores from spreading.

Be sure to dispose of the bag after use.

If fungi are growing due to organic waste on your lawn, make sure to recycle any matter left lying around.

To do this rake up leaves, twigs and grass cuttings as they appear on your lawn.

Make sure to mow your lawn regularly and limit how much water is applied to the soil.

If your garden is prone to retaining excess moisture, you may need to create an underground drainage system.

Aeration can also be performed to improve drainage and airflow.


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