How the New Takeover Will Affect Chelsea FC and Its Fans

Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC

Sports and politics rarely mix, or that is what we would like to think. The new year didn’t start well for Chelsea and its fans after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Even though it seems like a different event, it affected the club, especially at the management level, after it was sanctioned because of its owner.

Roman Abramovic has been with Chelsea since the 2003/2004 season, and he was set to make his 20th year after the new season ends, but that was not meant to be. He brought the club to European glory, winning many trophies together. They even have the best odds in many cases, like the top horses with the best horse racing odds.

However, the sanctions made it all go sour, but everyone could tell that Abramovic loved Chelsea and wanted the team to succeed. Therefore, he took the high ground and put the club up for sale, and ensured that the new owners would continue in his footsteps to keep the team at the highest level in Europe.

Following many weeks of bids and vetting, a few prospects made the final list, and the team could finally breathe as the turmoil ended. However, it still took some more weeks before it was finalized, and we eventually had a winning bid, which was Todd Bohely and Co’s bid.

With the new owners announced and we’ve got a transfer of ownership, it’s time to look to the future to see what this means to Chelsea and its fans. We’ve seen many changes in the administration, and things will be different under the new ownership. Therefore, let’s see how it’s been so far and what we expect in the future.

Backing the Manager Over Marquee Signing

One of the most significant statements Todd Bohely made since he entered the fray was to back Thomas Tuchel in the debacle with Lukaku. The German and Belgian has had a bit of friction since Lukaku returned to the bridge in a massive £90m+ deal. The Belgian didn’t fit into Tuchel’s tactics, and as a result, there were problems between the two men.

In addition, Lukaku granted an interview that further worsened the relationship between the manager and the player. Ever since it looked like one had to leave for the other, many Chelsea fans can testify that before now, the players always had precedence over the manager. But with Bohely, Lukaku has been sent off to Inter on a loan deal to show that he backs Tuchel.

Top Board Representatives Leaving

Another major news from the Bohely takeover has been top administrators leaving the team. It started with Bruce Buck, who has been the team’s chairman since 2003 after Abramovic took over the club’s reins. After him, we saw Marina also announce her stepping down from her administrative role, which many thought would stay with the new ownership.

However, after a few encounters with Bohely, there doesn’t seem to be a smooth transition to the new owner. Therefore, the club would be looking for a new signing. After Marina, Petr Cech, a club legend that brought Mendy to the team, is also leaving on a mutual agreement with the new boss. Therefore, it is looking like a complete overhaul.

New Signings and What to Expect

The team has shown interest in quite a few players, and we expect them to go ahead to sign many of them as part of the rebuild. The new owners have promised Tuchel that he would get six new signings to help cover the loopholes the team is facing so far. Therefore, we would be looking at a solid run at the start of the season.

Tuchel has the chance to sign players that would fit into his plan, and he can build the team as he wants, just like Klopp and Pep are doing with their respective teams. The goal is for Chelsea to compete with the top two and, in no time, win the Premier League title for the first time since 2017.

Our Thoughts

The team seems to be heading in the right direction with Todd Bohely, but it would be hard to please the fans, given how they’ve been “spoiled” by Roman Abramovic. However, they would have to be patient with the new owners trying to live up to the standard set by the former administration.

We would follow the team as the transfer window goes to see the players that come in and how they can fit into the team and Tuchel’s future plans. However, we think this would be good for the club’s future, and a different class would make the team even better. So, we hope to see Chelsea succeed Todd Bohely as they did with Roman Abramovic.


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